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Best Post-Convergence Redesigns

In May, the entire line of DC Comics will be taken over by a company-wide crossover called Convergence. While DC has not fired up the hype machine for their summer event to the degree Marvel has with the upcoming Secret Wars, Convergence nonetheless seems poised to shake up the DC Universe in a major way. Though little is known about the specifics of this event, we do know one thing for sure – DC is bidding farewell to the New 52, and with it the familiar costume designs of some of its biggest heroes, some for the better, others…well…not so much.


For brevity’s sake, we won’t look at every character that is getting a redesign, but will focus only on members of the Justice League. Check out the list below, listed in order of best to worst, and feel free to tell me how wrong I am in the comments:



1) Wonder Woman



Of all the redesigns we’ve seen so far, Wonder Woman’s is the best of the bunch. The cover art for Wonder Woman #41 depicts Wonder Woman decked out in black, red, and lots of gold. Diana also appears with this look on the cover of Superman/Wonder Woman #18, indicating that this will be the definitive look for Wonder Woman, which will be a change from the status quo, as Brian Azzarello’s interpretation of the character never adopted the pants-clad version that was appearing in Justice League.

This look is sleek and modern while retaining many of the classic elements of Wonder Woman’s costume. With its long sleeves, tights, golden spaulders, and spiked gauntlets, this is a costume that is simultaneously befitting an Amazonian warrior and instantly recognizable as DC’s iconic Princess Diana.



2) Green Lantern



This redesign changes the look of Green Lantern dramatically. Hal keeps his signature mask, but that’s about it. Gone is the clean cut, Spandex-clad, Green Lantern we’ve all become familiar with and in his place is a hooded, brooding, shaggy-haired doppelganger. The biggest change is that Hal’s power ring seems to have been replaced by an Infinity Guantlet-esque glove on his right hand. The glove bears the Green Lantern insignia and glows green, indicating that this is the source of Hal’s powers now. This darker, more mysterious look is a welcome change for a character whose look has not been significantly updated in quite some time. It will be interesting to see what events bring about this shift in Hal’s look and demeanor.



3) The Flash



It’s somewhat difficult to get a good feel of how the Flash will look from the single, very stylized picture that has been released. The most noticeable change is that Barry’s costume now features two shades of red, which will bring the comics more aesthetically in line with the CW television show. The once bright yellow boots have been significantly muted as well and now are closer to pale gold. The design isn’t bad, but it’s clear that the designers are hoping for a look for Barry that is a little less flashy (no pun intended) than what readers are used to.



4) Superman


 Photo cred goes to Nerdist


Okay, there’s not much to say here. Superman is wearing jeans and a Superman t-shirt. I like that the shield logo featured on the shirt is an updated throwback to one of the earliest Superman logos, but still…it’s a t-shirt. I get what they’re trying to do here. It’s a more relatable, less cartoonish look. But, dang it, I want my superheroes to look like superheroes, and Superman is the superhero. Here, Supes looks like he could have picked up his costume from any novelty t-shirt store and, to me, that just doesn’t fly (last one, I promise).

5) Batman


Let me preface this by saying that not only am I a fan of Scott Snyder’s run on Batman, but I think Greg Capullo is the best artist working in comics today. I trust these guys to deliver the goods, really, I do. And Snyder has outright admitted that whatever is going on with this Batman redesign is the result of the craziest thing he’s done during his Batman run. I’m sure when I read the story that accompanies this costume, it will all make at least a little bit of sense. So, while I have no idea that this is supposed to be, I know one thing – it looks more like the lovechild of The Tick and Rosie from the Jetsons than it does Batman.