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The Latest Pull


Here is another week of Covering Comics! In this column, we will be highlighting some of the best comic book covers for the week of 3/25/15. Let’s get straight to it with five covers that stand out this week!




COVER OF THE WEEK: Aquaman #40 by Richard Horie



This is easily the best cover of the week. DC has been killing it this month with their movie variants, and this one is the best of the bunch not only this week, but this month. This cover, inspired by the film Free Willy, not only has great art, but also brings up an important question: How far would you swim for a friend?




Elektra #11 by Michael Del Mundo



This cover by Michael Del Mundo is absolutely brilliant. Dancing and killing have both been a big part of Blackman’s Elektra run, and this cover perfectly captures both of those elements. The cover says a lot by by using a little, and the simple red and black color scheme is a nice touch.




Fables: The Wolf Among Us #16 by Chrissie Zullo



I love all of the detail that Chrissie Zullo put into this Wolf Among Us cover. Everything looks precise and expertly crafted. The colors are also wonderfully vibrant, using a simple palette of blues and greens.




Wytches #5 by Jock



Jock’s covers for Wytches are subtle and creepy. By now I think we all understand that we should stay out of the woods if we want to stay alive. This cover helps to reinforce the idea that they aren’t inviting. The bending of the branches to form an eye is a fantastic idea, and the lack of any real color just adds to the sense of dread.




Catwoman #40 by Jae Lee



Jae Lee seems to be capable of doing any cover, whether it is full of detail or simple, like this. Selina has been struggling with her two “jobs,” and this cover conveys the conflict well. Every line is carefully done, and the shading is masterful.


There you have it! What are some of your favorite covers? Come again next week to see what these great cover artists have in store!