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Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever State of the Valiant address! This is a monthly column dedicated to Valiant Comics, a publisher that is delivering some of the best superhero titles on the market. We will be covering all of the major events for Valiant every month, as well as looking forward to some of the awesome stuff we should be looking out for in the near future.


Warning: There will be SPOILERS!



First off, let’s start out with The Valiant #4, the highest rated Valiant title reviewed this month. This miniseries by Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt not only delivered some of the best action we have seen from Valiant, but also gave us some memorable character moments. Lemire and Kindt delivered a smart story with a thrilling and heartbreaking ending. While it made for an exciting ending, it was sad to see Kay die after so many great moments from her and Bloodshot. I would of loved to see Lemire take the character further in the Bloodshot series. Still, her dying actions were noteworthy, and Bloodshot will be plagued by her death for months to come.



I look forward to seeing how Bloodshot’s physical changes will impact his character. How much was actually revealed to him at the end of the series? Also it looks like Gilad will have a lot on his hands with the new Geomancer. Hopefully we will get to see a new side of the character as he works with the child. It’s hard to tell if other characters will be at all affected. Most of them saw their greatest fears, and hopefully Valiant plans on bringing them up again. Maybe the Immortal Enemy will return sooner than expected. After all, we don’t know if the heroes actually won yet. A new dark age for humanity could be upon us without us knowing.



Valiant’s other big release this month was Ninjak #1, written by Matt Kindt. Most fans of the Valiant Universe would agree that Ninjak’s debut in his own ongoing series was way overdue, but it’s great that the first issue was such a success. Kindt perfectly understands the character and flawlessly integrates the past and present into the issue. This is a great point for readers to finally jump into the Valiant Universe if they haven’t already.


X-O Manowar began a massive arc this month. Dead Hand is underway, and it is already impacting the future of the title. Venditti has been killing it, showing that he is never content with the status quo. The destruction of the Vine is devastating, and Aric will struggle to live with the massive loss of life on the planet he swore to protect. Even though the series hasn’t been at its strongest lately, I think that it is going in the right direction again. We already have a scary villain who is clearly not afraid of destruction, and Earth will definitely hurt a bit before this arc wraps up.




Some of Valiant’s smaller titles are also putting out some quality stories. Unity #16 was mostly a one-shot, with more details on Gilad’s past revealed within. The issue wasn’t groundbreaking but still solid. Divinity is on pace to being a really cool read, with quite a few interesting concepts being introduced. The idea of the Valiant Universe dealing with an unpredictable ‘god’ is such a solid concept that it’s a shame that this series will only be four issues. The two light-hearted comics in the Valiant line, Quantum and Woody Must Die and Ivar, Timewalker have also been entertaining. Finally, Imperium is picking up steam with its second issue. Valiant has been promising that we will be cheering for a group of villains and I’m starting to believe it.



Unfortunately there wasn’t an issue of Rai this month.


As far as news goes, nothing was more noteworthy than the signing with DMG Entertainment in a historic nine-figure deal. We will soon be seeing our favorite Valiant characters in live-action movies and television shows. DMG will be funding multiple films, and it appears that we will be seeing Shadowman on the big screen first. Hopefully we will start seeing a coherent cinematic universe soon.


Make sure you look out for Bloodshot Reborn #1 in April! Lemire is on fire right now and this should be a series with quality similar to The Valiant. Quantum and Woody Must Die will be concluding towards the end of the month with issue #4. Fans of comics that don’t take themselves seriously should hop on this one if they haven’t already. Hopefully the world’s worst superheroes won’t actually die.



There you have it! It was an exciting month for Valiant Comics, and it is going to be hard to top March. Some characters are going in some intriguing directions though, and great stories will surely follow. We can all valiantly look forward to the future.


This was the March State of the Valiant address, see you next month!