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TV Review: Better Call Saul – Alpine Shepherd Boy

“Alpine Shepherd Boy” begins with classic Vince Gilligan style humor, and ends with the rising action, which will hopefully carry into the season’s finale.


After Jimmy’s business scheme in “Hero,” his phone has been ringing with the calls from potential clients. However, after visiting a few of the clients, Jimmy realizes that these are not the people he wants to represent. The first potential client is an ignorant red-blooded American who wants to secede from the U.S. with the help of Jimmy. Another client is a man who wishes to patent his invention, which is a potty-training toilet that offers encouragement to children upon each “release.” The scenes are a bit goofy, but then again this show is a spin-off of a show about a chemistry teacher who made meth, and is also starred a guy running a meth lab out of a laundromat while posing as a humble fried chicken shack owner. The scenes are funny, but the entire time I was watching them, I was wishing that we could finally see more of the main story.



After visiting an elderly woman who wishes to have Jimmy draft a will for her, Jimmy discovers that his brother had a run-in with the police, and he is now in the hospital. Upon entering the hospital, we discover the cause of Chuck’s odd behavior and living situation. Chuck claims to be “allergic to electricity.” Upon telling this to the doctors at the hospital, they recommend that Jimmy have him committed, but Jimmy refuses to send his brother to a psychiatric ward, but the scene does give viewers an insight into not only Chuck’s psychological state, but also Jimmy’s commitment to his brother.


The episode ends not with Jimmy, but with Mike who makes his first appearance in the episode. Mike sits at home watching TV, but is interrupted as a police detective knocks on his door. The next episode appears to delve into Mike’s past with law enforcement, but only time will tell what the story will be.


“Alpine Shepherd Boy” is the halfway point in the first season, which is set to include 10 episodes. The first five episodes did a good job at introducing new characters, while reestablishing returning characters from “Breaking Bad.” Jimmy’s roots as a lawyer trying to remain honest are fitting for his character, but fans keep wanting to see more of the Saul we know and love shine through. New characters like Chuck and Kim are interesting to watch (especially Chuck), but they need more episodes devoted to explaining their background and their relationship with Jimmy before fans really start caring for them. However, if the last five episodes are as good as the first five, then “Better Call Saul” will most likely be as successful as “Breaking Bad” once the Emmy’s start back up later this year.