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TV Review: Better Call Saul – Bingo

Coming off Mike’s backstory, “Bingo,” we go back into the main story of the season, as the audience gets a follow-up with the Kettlemans.


The Kettlemans meet with Kim to discuss their options in their money embezzlement case. Since the prosecution has an extremely strong case against them, Kim suggests that the Kettlemans plead guilty so that Craig Kettleman will get a shorter prison sentence. Not willing to admit defeat, Betsy Kettleman fires Kim on the spot, and goes to Jimmy to try and find more options. Jimmy refuses to defend them, but Betsy blackmails Jimmy with the $30,000 bribe she gave him thus forcing Jimmy to defend Craig.



The bulk of the episode is lawyer talk with Jimmy and Kim, but the actors’ performances kept the interest of the audience. However, it was Julie Ann Emery who plays Betsy Kettleman who stole the show. As she did in previous episodes, Betsy is so lost in the fantasy world where her husband did not steal any money or do anything worth being sent to jail for. She keeps yelling at Jim saying that the state is going to put her innocent husband in prison while rapists and murderers roam the streets. Although this seems like the last appearance of the Kettlemans, hopefully Betsy will appear in more episodes as she is one of the most entertaining new characters on the show.



The episode was entertaining, but in all honesty, it was not the satisfying ending to the Kettlemans that the show was building up to. Both Betsy and Craig were so despicably wonderful, and lost in their own fantasy world that they needed a more satisfying ending. I was hoping for something similar to William H. Macy’s ending in “Fargo.” The departure of the Kettlemans does progress Jimmy’s character, but it could have been much more theatric.


“Bingo ” was an entertaining episode, but not a memorable episode. There are few things to complain about, but there aren’t many things to praise either. With only three episodes left in the season, hopefully the final conflict begins in the next episode, so that fans have long-lasting taste in their mouth to satisfy them until the next season starts because God knows “The Walking Dead” won’t satisfy anybody on AMC.