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TV Review: Better Call Saul – RICO

With only two episodes left in the season, “RICO” takes Chuck out of his comfort zone in a huge way to prepare him for the final episodes.


Jimmy heads over to the local retirement home to draft a will for one of the elderly residents. Unfortunately, she does not have enough money to cover the $120 lawyer fee. Jimmy tells the  lady to pay him back when she can, but he asks how she doesn’t have the money since she has both social security and pension. After diving into invoices from the retirement community, and by doing some dumpster diving through shredded documents, Jimmy discovers that the retirement complex has been committing fraud, which might result in a class action lawsuit.


However, things get much more interesting once Jimmy involves Chuck. Chuck helps Jimmy piece together shredded documents, and also gives him advice on how to proceed. When the retirement home owners send their lawyers to settle with Jimmy and Chuck, Chuck demands $20 million and even threatens a RICO case.


Mixed in the episode is Mike who is trying to help his daughter-in-law and granddaughter through their financial troubles. Once Mike realizes that his son’s life insurance, and the dirty money he took before he died won’t cover his family’s bills, Mike decides to find some other means of giving money to his family. Although the show’s title seems to only suggest that Jimmy (Saul) is the primary focus of the show, it definitely seems to also want to put a great deal of focus on building Mike’s character. Saying that he was a fan favorite from “Breaking Bad” who was more of a mystery, few fans would complain.


Thankfully, this episode was more than a just a lawyer assisting the elderly. In one of the best shots of the series thus far, Jimmy talks to a group of elderly old men while wearing his Colonel Sanders style suit. In the same room is a TV showing an episode of “Matlock.” Ironically, this episode closely followed the premise of “Matlock,” but it included the charm of Jimmy with the dumpster diving, a scene where he writes a binding legal document on a piece of toilet paper, and makes a $20 million demand with his brother who claims to be allergic to electricity. Speaking of Chuck, once he spends more time acting like a lawyer again, he walks outside despite his claims of not being able to handle sunlight. The episode ends with him and Jimmy staring at each other, both in disbelief.



Knowing the writing of Vince Gilligan, I highly doubt that the epic season finale will merely be a court case between the McGill’s and a retirement community. Mike’s desire to enter a more dangerous line of work might mean an appearance from Gus Fring in the near future. Although not the most exciting episode of the season, “RICO” still has many of the same elements that make an exciting episode of “Better Call Saul” and that make up a classic piece of Gilligan’s brilliant writing.