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TV Review: The Walking Dead: “Remember”

“Remember” is one of those episodes of “The Walking Dead” that makes the audience thirst for what is to come.


After arriving in Alexandria, Rick and the rest of the group individually acclimate to the new haven in very different ways. Upon entering, Rick is confronted by the leader of Alexandria, Deanna. Deanna reveals that most of the people in Alexandria have been living outside the zombie outbreak since it began. She wants Rick and the group to join because she believes they know the best way to survive since they have been surviving in the heart of the apocalypse all this time. Throughout their stay in Alexandria, each member of the group has an individual meeting with Deanna, which she records. During these scenes, the episode feels more like a found footage segment rather than an episode of “The Walking Dead.”


Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Carl, Carol, and Daryl are all interviewed in the episode. The scenes are interesting because each person takes to the interview in very different ways. Daryl talks about the need to keep the children in their group safe, whereas Rick opens up about how dangerous it is to let anyone from the outside in because humanity has changed. The interviews are entertaining, but there are a few odd moments. Carol and Carl both open up in full detail about their pasts to Deanna. The scenes are entertaining nods to the show’s previous seasons, but at the same time I found myself wondering why in the world they would open up to a complete stranger who they were vocal about not trusting in the beginning.


The most talked about scene in this episode will without a doubt be Rick shaving his beard, and cutting his hair. Rick has had a beard since the end of Season 2, so it is very weird to see him shave it all off. Without the beard, he looks 20 years younger, and the old warrior who bit out a guys throat in the last seasons appears to be leaving as the humble sheriff from the first two seasons appears to return. The scene was meant to trick the audience into thinking that Rick and the group finally found a place to settle down, but as the episode progresses, clue after clue dismisses that possibility.


Two members from Alexandria ask Glenn and Tara to come with on a run to grab supplies. On the way, they inform Glenn and Tara that they lost a few guys in one of the last runs, but they have the zombie that bit them tied up, and they like to beat it up before they go on their run. Glenn cannot believe that they would take such a stupid risk, so he kills the zombie when it gets loose. When one of the members gets pissed and tries to punch Glenn, Glenn knocks him out. Truth be told, I always saw Glenn as a very bland character who I wouldn’t care whether he lived or died, but this scene was one of actor Steven Yeun’s best. From starting off as a weakling who appeared to only serve as Rick’s adult version of Short Round, to worn-down survivor, all of Glenn’s experiences shine forth in this scene. When Glenn knocks him out, it isn’t as much out of anger as it is beating a bad dog with a newspaper. Glenn lays down the law here by showing that his group are the experts, and the people of Alexandria can’t survive without them.



In the last minutes of the episode, Deanna makes Rick the sheriff (constable) of Alexandria. He accepts the duty as he dons a policeman’s uniform, and walks out to do his rounds. In the last scene of the episode, Rick is standing on his porch with Daryl on the right still clad in his worn-out clothes, and Carol on the left wearing new clothes for her new job cooking for the elderly. With Rick in the middle wearing the sheriff’s outfit, it seems as though he is more on Carol’s side, and will continue to live peacefully in Alexandria. However, he reveals that he is intending on taking Alexandria if need be, showing that he plans to act like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


“Remember” does a fantastic job of setting the tone for the rest of the season. Rick is starting to take some of the characteristics of the Governor by taking over havens, and forcing the innocent people inside to fend for themselves, which will no doubt lead to more bloodshed, and another potential home destroyed.