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TV Review: The Walking Dead – Spend

So much for Noah…




“Spend” falls under the category of “so bad, it’s good.”


“The Walking Dead” is rapidly changing from trying to be a serious sci-fi drama, to a B movie with over-the-top gore, and hokey acting mixed along with a ridiculous story. If I am being truly honest, I welcome this change with open arms.


The main storyline of “Spend” deals with Glenn, Noah, Tara, Eugene, and two members of Alexandria, including Deanna’s son Aiden, as they go out for a run for supplies. Everything appears to be going okay, until Aiden shoots a zombie who has grenades on him (seriously, this f****** happens). The grenades explode causing Spencer to fly back onto a rack of spikes, which are apparently lying around this warehouse, because why not? As Glenn and the gang try and rescue him, the other member of Alexandria wusses out, and runs away.  Aiden is left for the zombies as Glenn and Noah run to safety as Eugene take an injured Tara to the getaway van. What came next was the greatest scene in the history of “The Walking Dead.”



Glenn, Noah, and the Alexandria citizen who wussed out (he isn’t made for this world, so why bother learning his name) are trapped in a revolving door. On one side is the wuss, on the other is Glenn and Noah. As Eugene honks the van horn to scare away the zombies, Glenn urges wuss and Noah to hold the door closed as he attempts to break the glass to escape to freedom. However, the wuss wusses out yet again as he runs through the opening to get to safety, resulting in Noah being dragged away by the zombies. Now, in this situation, what would most likely happen is that the zombies would devour Noah on the ground where they got him, not slam him up against the glass for Glenn to see as the fake blood and flesh flies across the screen. This scene was either a real attempt at a tragic scene to shock the audience, but it comes off as a cheesy scene from a “Dawn of the Dead” rip-off with Tom Savini like special effects.


The rest of the episode is extremely bland, and takes away from the main story. Rick goes to his love interest Jesse’s  house only to discover her owl statue has been destroyed by a mystery culprit. Rick talks to her husband, who is suddenly an alcoholic for some reason, giving the audience a reason to hate him, and the writers another reason for killing him. Carol spends the episode with Jesse’s son Sam, who she threatened in the previous episode. Since Carol didn’t scare him enough, he is now following Carol wherever she goes. Obviously the writers are trying to show him as a possible child companion for Carol since Sophia and Lizzie turned out so well. This goes back to my complaint in the last episode that Carol should have just killed Sam to save the audience from the obvious turn of events.


The only other entertaining part of the show deals with Abraham as he works on a construction site as it is being invaded by zombies. As soon as the zombies show up, they leave one of the citizens for dead, but Abraham shoots them all down, showing more of his experience of being a sergeant. The scene is mindless zombie killing, and nothing more.

If the show falls in line with being another stereotypical zombie adaptation with hokey acting and over-the-top effects, then “The Walking Dead” will find a special place in my heart, and the hearts of all Romero lovers. If the show tries again to be serious after these stunts, then it will undoubtedly fail.