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TV Review:The Walking Dead – Try

It’s ironic that this episode of “The Walking Dead” was called “Try” because none of the actors try in this episode.


In the previous episode, both Noah and Aiden died, which caused both emotional turmoil for Rick’s group, and Alexandria, or at least it would have if the show actually took the logical step and followed that storyline. Also missing is Maggie talking to the group about Gabriel backstabbing the group in the previous episode. Instead, we get to see Carl try to hollah at Enid, which ends in awkward tree whispering. We also got to see Sasha blow off some steam as she mows down zombies in the woods. When Michonne and Rosita go to stop her, Sasha reveals that she is upset over the death of Noah.



Rick spends the episode trying to figure out what to do about the alcoholic Pete. He talks to Deanna who asks him not to do anything since Pete’s surgical background is too valuable. However, when Rick talks to Jessie about Pete, she finally tells him that she wants Pete out of her and her son’s life. At this point, the perfect timing fairy spreads it fairy dust as Pete walks in to confront the two. Pete charges Rick who suddenly has the strength of a 22-year-old guy who spends his days in his parents basement eating Hot Pockets and playing Magic the Gathering. The brawl gets so intense that they end up rolling into the streets of Alexandria despite Rick wanting to keep Deanna out of it. After realizing he is a badass who once bit out a dude’s throat, Rick overpowers an alcoholic by choking him out. Rick then pulls out a pistol because clearly the situation calls for it, and begins his mad rambling toward Deanna and the people of Alexandria. Michonne knocks him unconscious to cease his mad rambling even though the more logical option would have been to talk him down.


What makes the episode exceptionally awful is the acting. Both Alexandra Breckinridge (Jessie) and Corey Brill (Pete) give awful performances. Breckinridge was tremendous in the first season of “American Horror Story,” but the writers of “The Walking Dead” gave her the most bland dialogue resulting in a laughably awful character. After watching this episode, I found out that Brill is also a beekeeper. Brill should stick with the beekeeping as he cannot act to save his life. Brill’s alcoholic performance is definitely not up to par with Denzel Washington’s in “Flight,” or even Rick Moranis’s in “Strange Brew.” He acts more like a freshman in high school who just had his first beer.



With only one episode left, I find myself not caring what happens to any of the characters. To the writers of “The Walking Dead,” I have this to say. Watch a few episodes of “Parks and Recreation,” and ask yourselves why fans love those characters, and why your characters don’t have near the same charm. I’ll tell you right now that it isn’t because of the actor’s capabilities (Aziz Ansari and Aubrey Plaza aren’t exactly Orson Welles and Audrey Hepburn). It is because the show builds them up by adding character and personalities that fans can relate to, and fall in love with.


The writers sorely need to build interest in their characters, and try to get on the same level as “Dawn of the Dead’s” storytelling because they clearly cannot achieve serious reactions through seemingly serious storytelling. An episode that tried to progress the story and develop the characters failed on both approaches resulting in a colossal flop.