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This week we’ll be spotlighting everyone’s favorite space princess (excluding LSP, of course), Leia of Alderaan. She is the female protagonist in the original Star Wars trilogy, and is memorable as being the damsel in distress that transforms into a capable character who ends up saving the men on multiple occasions.



Everyone knows the story: Leia, the long-lost twin sister of Luke Skywalker, is kidnapped by Darth Vader and is revealed to be a Rebel spy. She is held prisoner by members of the Empire, who try to extract information on the Rebels from her. She is eventually saved by Luke and Han Solo, and the three become the iconic trio of the series.


Leia, as previously mentioned, is notable for being a very strong female character. While initially portrayed as a damsel in distress, she grows to become an independent character that goes on to be a driving force in defeating the Empire.

Even during her time as Jabba the Hut’s slave she shows that she isn’t quite as helpless as she seems and ends up choking out the slug herself. It is thanks to her acting and quick thinking that they are all even able to gain an audience with Jabba in the first place and save Han from his clutches.



Leia’s legacy lives on decades after the release of the original trilogy, with people still cosplaying her at conventions. And with the revival of the Star Wars series thanks to the new movies being released, Leia has even gotten her own comic book. Written by the fantastic Mark Waid and brought to life with Terry Dodson’s art, it’s a must buy for fans of the series.


Leia is probably the most remembered female character in the Star Wars universe, and for good reason. She is a just ruler and a capable fighter, and without her the Rebels wouldn’t have had a chance.