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TV Review: Better Call Saul – Marco

Whether “Better Call Saul” as a whole will be on the same level as “Breaking Bad” has yet to be determined, but it is safe to say that Season One was a smash hit.


Capping off the first season, “Marco” sends Jimmy back to his hometown of Chicago where he reunites with his old partner in crime, Marco. Marco and Jimmy spend the episode conning various people out of their money. In one hilarious scene, a woman in her underwear wakes a sleeping Jimmy because he is not Kevin Costner as he said he was. This scene was referencing back to “Breaking Bad” when Saul famously said that he once slept with a woman by telling her he was Kevin Costner, and it worked because she believed it. In the beginning of the episode, he also mentions Belize and how he will probably never visit it just as Saul mentioned Belize back in “Breaking Bad.” Unfortunately, when you take away the scam montages and “Breaking Bad” homages, “Marco” proves to be a pretty paper thin finale.



When compared to the Season Two finale of “Breaking Bad” which ends in a mid-air plane crash, or the Season Four finale which ends with the show’s main villain getting half of his face blown away, “Marco” offers no large-scale scene that will receive 10 million views on YouTube in the foreseeable future. However, this might be in the show’s best interest.


Although “Breaking Bad” was a fantastic show, it did have several scenes that were a bit too much on the sensational side. That doesn’t mean that it was a bad show, but you have to admit that a machine activated with a car remote that mows down a group of Nazis is at least a bit silly. “Better Call Saul” seems to be trying to have less sensational moments, and more realistic ones. Err, at least more realistic than an ex-Cartel member blowing up his wheelchair using a bell.



Season One of “Better Call Saul” does not end with Jimmy’s actions causing widespread death, or with his brother dying from being trapped in a tanning bed (I imagine that’s his biggest fear given his so-called electricity allergy). It ends with Jimmy getting a job offer, and telling Mike that he was no longer going to do what he thinks is right if it takes away from something beneficial for him. I guess you could say that Jimmy is now *cough *cough, breaking bad.


Whether Season Two will have more explosions, gun fights, or drug cooking montages has yet to be determined. However, Season One is definitely worth the time of anyone who considers himself or herself a fan of “Breaking Bad.”