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Movie Review – Mad Max: Fury Road

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is essentially a two hour long car chase through the desert with intense action, and some  of the most creative character designs since the Star Wars movies.

The plot centers around Max, played by Tom Hardy, being captured by a group of savages led by their tyrannical leader Immortal Joe. Imagine if Danny DeVito’s penguin from “Batman Returns” had a child with one of the ancient aliens from “Prometheus,” and you basically have Immortal Joe. Although the movie is called “Mad Max,” Immortal Joe steals this film.


Max escapes from the savages and comes across a woman named Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, also escaping from Immortal Joe. Furiosa helped Immortal Joe’s many young wives escape from him. Her motives are never fully explained except for a few mentions of her trying to right the mistakes of her past, which also aren’t explained.



The movie does not have a very enthralling story, and it does not add much to the Mad Max storyline. Where this movie does deliver is the action.  The movie does not quit. At one point, bandits on spike covered dune buggies are throwing explosive spears at a semi, and then a few minutes later, motorcycles are jumping over trucks while dropping grenades.


The main issue with the film is that it is called “Mad Max.” Max is far from the main character as Furiosa claims most of the spotlight. If the movie focused on her rather than Max, it would have been damn  near perfect. However, the makers of the film clearly were just trying to use the established name to draw in more of a crowd. A movie called “Imperator Furiosa” just wouldn’t draw in as large if a crowd.