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“Jurassic Park” came out in 1993, yet, by the time I started kindergarten in 1999, every kid was still obsessed with dinosaurs. Every kid had to have a dinosaur themed birthday party, and every kid had an assortment of dinosaur toys littered throughout their basement. “Jurassic Park” wasn’t as much a film as much as it was a milestone that defined a generation of kids.


When it was announced that another Jurassic Park movie was underway, people were skeptical as the sequels were subpar when compared to the original, and the movies that tried to copy “Jurassic Park” often failed *cough *cough “Godzilla” 1998 *cough *cough. I too was one of the skeptics, but like most other fans, I was hooked after I saw the trailer.



“Jurassic World” is the movie that fans of the original film have been begging for since 1993. From start to finish, the movie sinks its teeth in you, and refuses to let go. This was director Colin Trevorrow’s first major directing job. However, it is clear from the start as he is not even 40-years-old, Trevorrow is a fan of the original film, and he wanted to focus on giving fans what they wanted to see.


The film stars Bryce Dallas Howard as the director of Jurassic World and Chris Pratt as a velociraptor wrangler, yes, that’s quite possibly the coolest job ever. The two of them spend the movie tracking down a genetically altered dinosaur that has gotten loose on the park. The two also are attempting to rescue Howard’s nephew’s who have gotten lost. Neither Howard’s nor Pratt’s characters are too memorable, but that can’t be expected in a movie with dinosaurs fighting each other.


What probably sells most viewers with the movie is the nostalgia that is felt within the first few minutes. In one of the first scenes, these windows open, and the entire park can be seen as the John Williams score plays for the first time. Instantly, I became a six-year-old kid who was obsessed with all things dino. The movie pays several nods to the original with a few hidden Easter Eggs, but unfortunately there is no cameo from either Jeff Goldblum’s or Sam Neil’s characters. A statue can be seen of Richard Attenborough’s character, John Hammond, from the original, but sadly Attenborough died less than a year before the film was released, and his deteriorating health kept him from being in the picture. Although I was glad that the film wasn’t solely relying on the source material of the predecessor, I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed that there wasn’t a cameo.


Finally, what everyone will be talking about will be the dinosaurs themselves. When you see a T-Rex fighting off other dinosaurs, or pterodactyls dive-bombing people, you are simply in aww. This is a movie that needs to be viewed in IMAX, preferably in 3-D as well. Pay the extra couple of bucks; it’s totally worth it.

If you’re hoping for an epic story, with unforgettable players, “Jurassic World” will fall short. The movie relies more so on jokes than a lot of character development, but the jokes get a few laughs, and the humor seems to be an attempt to gain a newer audience of kids to inspire. “Jurassic World” is a thrill-ride that won’t let you go until the very end.