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Top 7 Disappointing Characters in “Dragon Ball Z”

“Dragon Ball Z” is known for having some of the most memorable characters in all of anime. Even characters who do not have incredible fighting ability such as Krillin, Bulma, and Master Roshi still have their place in the hearts of the fans. However, not every character was what we thought they could be, or all they could have been. Some might even say that these characters were disappointing.


For this list, we took the characters that either lacked the character development wanted by fans, lacked the power they should have had, or simply fell short of what they could have been.



7) Bardock



Although it was cool to see that Bardock was not only one of the first Super Saiyans, but also the father of Goku, no development was paid to him otherwise. What fans sorely wanted to see was interaction between Bardock and Goku, or evidence in personality that showed similarities between the two. Instead, Bardock received a single special episode, and a short movie.



6) Guldo



Who is Guldo?  Exactly. Guldo is the weakest member of the Ginyu Force, yet there is no reason for him to be. Guldo has the power to freeze time, which means absolutely nothing should stand in his way. However, what happens to Guldo? He gets his ass kicked by freaking Krillin and Gohan, and is then decapitated by Vegeta.



5) Captain Ginyu



Let me be the first to say that I love the Ginyu Force, and I was very disappointed that they were not returning characters in the show. With that being said, after seeing the incredible powers of other members of the Ginyu force like Recoome or Berter, everyone expected that Captain Ginyu would be a force to be reckoned with. However, upon encountering Goku, Captain Ginyu freaks out, punches a hole in himself, and switched bodies with Goku to try and beat him that way. However, Captain Ginyu ends up becoming the punchline to his own joke as he ends up spending the rest of his life as a frog, frolicking the forest around Goku’s home.



4) Fused Piccolo and Kami



As far as character development goes, this fusion was awesome in terms of what it meant for Piccolo. However, this was hyped up so much that they said that their fusion would result in the most powerful warrior in the universe. Instead, we got a warrior who barely held his own against Android 17 and got his ass beat by Imperfect Cell immediately after fusing.



3) Gohan



As a whole, Gohan is one of the best characters added to the show. However, Gohan was meant to replace Goku. True, Gohan had notable feats such as defeating Perfect Cell and defeating Broly with help from his brother and ghost dad, but as fans complained about the character, the show’s writers gave into their pleas, and brought back Goku. What seemed to really upset fans about Gohan, was the direction his character brought the show. Gohan’s character got into high school drama, became a masked superhero, and left many of the show’s beloved tropes behind.




2) Raditz



Like Bardock, Raditz could have been cooler than what he was solely because of his relationship to Goku, however, he dies after lasting only a handful of episodes. Unlike Bardock, Raditz receives absolutely no development after his short stay on the show. Furthermore, Raditz also gets underplayed by other Saiyans who proved to be more powerful such as Vegeta and even Nappa.



1) King Cold



Frieza was the most hyped villain in the entire show. When we found out that he was on his way to Earth with his father King Cold, our minds were blown by the potential he had. He was said to be a stronger and more cynical Frieza, so his potential was limitless. So what happened when he finally showed up? He doesn’t even launch a single attack as Trunks annihilates him seconds after encountering him. People joke about Krillin dying all the time, or Yamcha proving to be useless time and time again, but at least they kicked ass at some point in their life times. King Cold did absolutely nothing during his stay on the entire show, which only last a few episodes.