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The Latest Pull


It’s been awhile, but we are finally back with a new entry of #WCW. This column seeks to highlight the women in the comics industry, whether they are characters or the creators involved. This week we will be taking a look at Tula Lotay, an essential part of the Thought Bubble Festival, and a stellar artist.


Lotay is still a fairly new name in mainstream comics, and so far most of her work is creator-owned. She began her mainstream work in anthologies, working on projects like Thought Bubble Anthology, The Witching Hour #1, and American Vampire Anthology. Eventually in 2014 she made her Image Comics debut with Supreme Blue Rose, working with industry favorite Warren Ellis. From here her work exploded in mainstream comics, with some of the most unique pencils and lush colors ever seen.



Supreme Blue Rose was a critical success, and was praised throughout its seven issue run. It was recently released as a trade paperback, collecting the entire run plus some extras. She has since worked on Bodies, a miniseries telling a story across four different time periods each highlighting certain characters. Bodies as a whole received even more praise than Supreme Blue Rose, helping to cement Lotay as one of today’s greats.



In addition to her work in the pages of her creator-owned content, Lotay also helps run the Thought Bubble Festival in the UK. Thought Bubble Festival is the biggest sequential art festival in the UK, working to promote the great works of independent creators and the stories containing our favorite superheroes. The festival is one of a kind and a constant success thanks to her involvement. If you are in the area, be sure to get your tickets for Thought Bubble this November.


Recently at the Image Expo, it was announced that Tula Lotay will be once again teaming up with Warren Ellis for Heartless, a new horror title that promises to change the genre and add a new spin to it. It will have a large emphasis on music and British folklore, exploring the darkest side of humanity. Expect to see Heartless early 2016.

While still new the industry, Tula Lotay is undoubtedly set to be a major creator for years to come. Her style is unlike no other, and her works always seem to be nothing short of exceptional. That’s why she is our #WCW.