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INITIAL THOUGHTS: Heroes Reborn – Series Premiere

The original show “Heroes” gained a strong following in its first season due to its great cast of characters, incredible story, and for the cinematography which made the show look like a comic book. Sadly, the pizzazz from the first season ended almost immediately when the second season started. The show just couldn’t hold onto the magic created by the first season. However, fans that stuck around were rewarded with great story arcs that followed after many of the viewers stopped watching. “Heroes” went from a mainstream phenomenon to a small hit with a cult following. Unfortunately, fans were devastated when the show was cancelled after the fourth season ended on a cliffhanger as one of the heroes revealed her powers to the world on live television. Whispers went around as fans dreamed of what Season 5 would bring, as this turn in events allowed great potential for new stories that would change make for some great stories and new great characters. Years went by, and fans everywhere began to forget the show they loved, and stuck with through thick and thin.



Enter “Heroes Reborn”




The first episode of the show was titled “Brave New World” which relates back to the end of the Season 4 which ended with saying the new volume would be called “Brave New World.” After Clair showed her powers to the world, the people born with powers were classified as “EVOS” or “evolved humans.” At first, people don’t quite know what to think of them, but after an explosion caused by an EVO claims the lives of many humans and EVOs, they are seen as a danger, and the United States declares war on them. The mentality is very similar to that of the “X-Men” comics where people are scared of mutants. However, the way that the disaster is described is very creative. The disaster happened on June 13, and in the show the date is treated very similarly to 9/11. People ask each other where they were on June 13th. You’ll see a truck drive by with a “Remember June 13th” bumper sticker. The disaster sets the tone for the first few episodes, and will most likely be the theme throughout the series.



The show still has the comic book feel, with frames that look like they were pulled straight out of the pages of a Marvel comic. However, one of the issues with the show appears to be in the new characters. Some of the new characters are somewhat interesting, like the luchador vigilante that helps EVOs get to safety, or this husband and wife team who want to kill whatever EVOs they find, but then there’s an awkward teenage boy who is trying to discover what his powers mean, and a young woman from Japan, who is also trying to learn what her powers mean. The characters themselves aren’t poorly acted or anything, it’s just this is a tired device in superhero works that has been done so many times.



Fortunately, the show does have several characters from the original show returning such as Noah Bennet, Mohinder Suresh, Hiro Nakamura, and Matt Parkman. It was bittersweet to learn that characters like Sylar and Peter Petrelli would not be returning, but their stories had a clear ending at the end of “Heroes Reborn.” It was a shame that Hayden Panettiere did not reprise her role as Claire Bennet as she is busy with pregnancy and motherhood, but the potential remains for Claire to rise from the grave. However, I am upset that Hiro returned as his story ended perfectly in Season 4 with him coming to terms with his mortality, and the dangers of relying too much on his powers. His role in the series has yet to be determined, but I hope it is minimal. Noah Bennet serves as the main focus for the new series to the delight of the fans as he was a favorite in the original show.


At this point, it is difficult to tell whether or not “Heroes Reborn” is going to hit it out of the park, or strikeout as the show is still in the rising action. All that I can say is that what we have seen thus far makes the show look like it has great potential.