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The Latest Pull


Kickstarter is responsible for quite a few tremendous comic books coming into existence. The next great comic could be Our Friend Satan, a graphic novel by Dominik L. Marzec, Lukas Lalko, and Michael Murawski. The graphic novel focuses on the life of Satan, who is currently suffering from a midlife crisis as he recognizes that the world around no longer respects him the way it used to. “He’s simply not bad enough for them.”



The story is hilarious, and it offers a unique look at the devil: An older bald man shuffling in a bathrobe holding a plate of food, who just wants to sit back on the couch and watch the game without being bothered. He eventually runs into the Pope, setting off a chain of events that will hopefully lead to our friend getting his credibility back.


The story appears to be fun, and the art style matches the tone perfectly. The characters are animated and expressive. The pencils and inks have a relaxed and lighthearted feel to them, being accompanied by vibrant colors. The preview provided by the creative team looks exceptional, and this is a title that is certainly worth looking in to.





Anyone interested in the concept can go ahead and read the first seventeen pages for free here.  Those who would like to support the project will find that there are quite a few great incentives, ranging from physical copies of Our Friend Satan to Satan’s bathrobe. The actual project is projected to be finished by May 2016.


You can back Our Friend Satan on its Kickstarter page, but hurry, funding will end on Friday, September 4.