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The Latest Pull

The Best Pulls of September

Nate Stout: Grayson #12



In this issue, we finally get to see Dick go back to Gotham and be reunited with the bat-family, even if it was a brief reunion. This issue showcased just how important Dick is to the rest of the family. These reunions were not only touching, using past quotes to highlight his relationship with each person, but also served to further the plot for the next arc. It recalled tools used previously to nicely bridge the fan-service with important plot points. This is an absolute must read for any fan of Dick Grayson.



Kabir Nagarkatti: Tokyo Ghost #1



Remender and Murphy’s Tokyo Ghost is a brilliant commentary of society’s dependence on the World Wide Web that has the reader examine the extent to which he/she consumes information. Remender writes in such a way that doesn’t pound the reader over the head with his views but rather sheds light on a notion that is easily overlooked. In addition, Murphy not only shows that he is the master the art of high-octane action but also excels in providing the reader with a sense of intimacy in the quieter moments of the book. This issue is definitely my pick of the month!

Bobby Angus: Tokyo Ghost #1


Tokyo Ghost was a fun change of pace. Remender and Murphy played with a great concept in terms of humans dependence on technology and made it enjoyable for all. really excited to see where the heroes go next. Plus the first villain was hilarious. I got in trouble for reading it at work and laughing too much.



Marcus Orchard: Morning Glories #48



Morning Glories is pretty much the definition of a slow burn. Season two of Spencer and Eisma’s wonderful mystery series has been admittedly slow, but the most recent arc has been fantastic, with solid humor, a compelling story, and all of the characters simply being at their best. Morning Glories #48 has easily been the best issue in awhile, due to Casey being destroyed in the debate and Ian getting into some trouble. This is a must-read mystery isue, folks.



Victor Rojas:  Captain America: White #1 & 2



I love everything Loeb and Sale do as a team.  Captain America: White #1 is a stand alone story that anyone can jump right into, as long as they have the most basic of Cap history down.  This book takes the same theme as the other editions of the  “color series” from Loeb and Sale as Captain America griefs Bucky’s death and reminisces on the times he and Bucky shared back in the day.  Loeb and Sale seem to be cooking up another classic here.  This is a simple book, with familiar themes of friendship and love throughout, and it all works perfectly. Although it seems like we waited 20 years for this book to finally come out, it was totally worth the wait.  If you are a fan of Captain America, this is a must read.