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DAY 3: Top 13 Friday the 13th Moments

In the classic slasher franchise, the rule typically is that the first entry in a series is the best one, and the rest are shameful and rely on nudity and gore to keep the audience coming back. However, the “Friday the 13th” films don’t necessarily follow that tradition. The first in the series, although classic, really does not feature the long-running antagonist, Jason Voorhies. Jason also does not get his trademark hockey mask until the third film. Every “Friday the 13th” film, for the most part, has something that fans of the series enjoy. For Day 3 of our 31 days of Halloween, we decided to take a look at our favorite hockey-mask clad badass,  and our favorite moments from the series.



13) Fatality (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) 



After a copycat Jason was offed in the previous film, long-running character in the series, Tommy, wishes to destroy Jason’s body so that he may never return. Upon discovering Jason’s body, a bolt of lightning strikes him, bringing new life to machete wielding zombie we know and love. The lightning strike without a doubt was paying homage to the classic Universal Frankenstein’s monster. Upon being resurrected, one of Tommy’s friends tries to take down Jason with a shovel, which, of course, only pisses off Jason. Jason wasn’t buried with his machete, but clearly he does not need one as he punches a hole clean through him.



12 Deep-freezed (Jason X)




Although this is considered the worst film in the series, you can probably expect another moment from this film in this list. In this scene, Jason is resurrected after being cryogenically frozen. Upon being defrosted, Jason proves once again that he cannot get along with anyone by taking his savior’s head, putting it in liquid nitrogen, freezing it, and then smashing her face off on the table.



11) Kevin Bac-owned (Friday the 13th 1980) 



A lot of the classic slasher films were the starting point for some great actors. Jaime Lee Curtis got her start in “Halloween,” Johnny Depp got his start in “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” and Kevin Bacon got his start in “Friday the 13th.” Now this moment, much like others on this list, took place soon after the character got laid, proving the point made in “Scream” that if you have sex in a horror movie, you are going to die. This is no exception. After mating with his lady, Kevin Bacon lies in his bed, basking in his own Kevin Bacon glory. All of a sudden, he is held down to the bed as an arrow is plunged through his neck from the mattress. This scene was straight from make-up artist and gore genius, Tom Savini.




10) Punch-Out: Jason edition (Jason Takes Manhattan) 



After arriving in New York, Jason goes through his normal routine by killing everyone in sight. After being corned by the killer on a rooftop, one brave, young lad decides to try and take Jason out with his bare hands. For about a solid minute, he punches Jason in the face and body to try knock him out. Fans of the series who saw this just laughed as they knew what was to come. After running out of breath, he finally tells Jason to give him his best shot. Jason then proceeds to punch his head off.




9) Bed kill (Freddy Vs. Jason) 



Death after sex #2. After laying with his lass, one young man downs a couple beers as his girlfriend washes his filth off in the shower. As he looks up, he notices Jason standing over his bed rather than his stupid-hot girlfriend. As he tries to get away, Jason runs him through repeatedly with his machete. As the boy bleeds out and begins to die, Jason grabs both ends of the bed, and jackknifes him.




8) Cold Showered (Jason Goes to Hell) 



Death after sex #3. As a young couple mates inside their tent at Camp Crystal Lake (a brilliant idea), they approach the end of their fornication venture. As the moans echo throughout the camp, Jason catches wind and approaches the tent. As they finish, Jason stabs the young lass atop her man through the chest. As the man screams as his lady’s blood showers him. Jason hoists his machete up, causing her to split in half.




7) Jason hates music (Jason Takes Manhattan)



As Jason walks down the streets of Manhattan, he encounters a gang of thugs  huddled around a boombox on a street corner (Oh the 80s, how innocent you were). As Jason approaches the boys, he doesn’t kill them, but instead destroys their boombox. As the boys approach Jason to avenge their fallen boombox, Jason simply lifts his mask to scare off the boys.




6) Handstand kill (Friday the 13th Part III)



Death after sex #4. Sometimes the best way to impress the opposite sex is to do a handstand. Hey, it doesn’t matter how many turn down the handstand guy, all that matters the one who is impressed by the aerobic grandeur. As his lady showers, handstand man begins handstand-ing down the hallway looking for his next partner. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Jason cuts the boy down between the legs.




5) Jason appears mask-less for the first time (Friday the 13th Part II)



Seeing Jason without his mask is not a rare occurrence, and each film depicts his deformed face in a different way. Sometimes he looks like a skeleton. Sometimes he looks like a zombie. Sometimes he looks green and almost like an alien. However, nothing will ever beat the first time Jason appears without something covering his face (other than when he emerged from the water in the first film). In the second film, Jason did not have his hockey mask, but instead used a burlap sack. As he film ends, the protagonists appear to have defeated Jason. This is also before we learned that he is immortal. Jason then jumps through the window, without his mask, while giving out a gut-wrenching scream. The scene is petrifying for first-time viewers, and is still unsettling upon multiple views.




4) Sleeping bag kill (Jason X)



Although this scene was done in a previous installment in the series, it was perfected in “Jason X.” Jason is put in a virtual reality program to try and distract him as the protagonists try to get away. In the program, two lovely women approach Jason and invite him to both smoke pot, and engage in premarital sex. Rather than taking them up on their offer, Jason takes one of the sleeping bags, and beats the other lady to death with the friend in the sleeping bag.



3) Freddy grabs Jason’s mask (Jason Goes to Hell)



Although many fans feel “Jason X” is the worst in the series, I have to give that credit to “Jason Goes to Hell.” No other movie seemed to drag on as much as this one, and it seemed to be stealing to much from the “Halloween” series by involving distant relatives of the Voorhies family. However, this film is saved at the very end. Jason finally dies and goes to Hell. His mask is left in the dust, as the audience awaits the credits to role across the screen. Out of nowhere, Freddy Krueger’s glove emerges from the ground, takes Jason’s mask, and begins to cackle.




2) Jason emerges from Camp Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th 1980)



Many seem to forget that Jason was not the main villain of the first film, but rather his mother, Mrs. Voorhies. Mrs. Voorhies wishes to take revenge on whatever adolescents she sees because her son drowned while they should have been watching. When she is finally revealed to be the villain, she is defeated by a protagonist, who passes out in a canoe and drifts into the lake. As she comes to, the police arrive to rescue her. Before they can get a chance, Jason emerges from the lake, and drags her in. For people who know nothing about the series, this proved to be quite the shock. Jason is known for being deformed, but this is takes the cake. Jason looks like a half-dead child who is rotting from the top, down. This was the first supernatural element of the series, and certainly not the last.




1) Jason fights Freddy (Freddy Vs. Jason) 



After Freddy stole Jason’s mask in “Jason Goes to Hell,” fans waited in anticipation for “Freddy Vs. Jason.” Here’s the thing with horror films. We typically don’t have to wait long for sequels as one comes out almost every year. However, we had to wait 10 years for “Freddy Vs. Jason” to come out.  Fortunately, when it finally did, we were blown away. This film was like if an awesome toy came out in February, but we had to wait until Christmas to get. Once we unwrapped that present we were blown away. The fight between Freddy and Jason ranks up to that of Godzilla fighting King Kong. At one moment, Freddy is ahead, and then at another Jason is taking the lead. This film was nothing short of a gift for fans of the series.