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Top Ten Miscellaneous Aliens in “Star Wars”

There’s a lot of awesome alien main characters in the “Star Wars” franchise, from the wise and powerful Master Yoda to the evil and malicious Jabba The Hut. However, there’s also a lot of random aliens in the universe. They don’t contribute much to the story. They are mainly just there to demonstrate the creativity of the production designers, and provide atmosphere. For this list, we had make the decision of what is considered miscellaneous, and what constitutes as a side character.

The following characters have zero to no lines, have very little screen time, and nothing would change if they were omitted. This list also does not include monsters like the Rankor, Wampa, or Sarlacc as they could be in their own list. Alien members of the Jedi Council also were not considered as, like the monsters, they could make their own list. We are also only considering the characters as they appeared in the movies. Sadly, the Tuskin Raiders could not be considered as they played major rolls in both “New Hope” and “Attack of the Clones.” Otherwise, they not only would have ranked, but would have ranked highly.



10) Mas Amedda



While viewing “Attack of the Clones” or “Revenge of the Sith,” you might see this blue guy with sweet robes and both head and neck horns sitting alongside Palpatine. This of course is Mas Amedda, the vice chair for the Galactic Republic. Aside from Palpatine, Amedda is actually the only other character in the prequels who is secretly a double agent for the Dark Side with the other of course being Palpatine. Now, when asked why the Jedi Council never figured out that Palpatine was a Sith Lord, Lucas said that the Dark Side of the force clouded the jedi’s vision. With that being said, what the hell was excuse for this guy? He knew who Palpatine really was, and he wanted to go from a republic to an empire as well. This just goes to prove that a sweet set of robes and badass horns can be more than enough to divert some unwanted attention.



9) Roos Tarpals




A GUNGAN?!?!? BURN THIS LIST!?!?!?! Hear me out. Jar Jar Binks is awful. There is nothing likable about him, and he never (intentionally) does anything important. Then again, Jar Jar was a lost cause from the start. He is not physically intimidating, nobody takes him seriously even in the movies. However, this is not to say that there isn’t a Gungan who actually does shit. Enter Roos Tarpals. He is captain of the Gungan army, a guard for the Gungan leaders, and has an overall more badass design. Maybe if Qui-Gon had run into Tarpals instead of Jar Jar it would have been a better movie… Well probably not, but a man can dream. Okay, this is the last guy from the prequels. I promise.



8) Momaw Nadon



Mos Eisley, you’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Amongst that scum and villainy is Momaw Nadon, a hammerhead looking alien who hangs out at the cantina. Sometimes when we are out at our favorite hangout, sitting in our favorite booth, we see something unfortunate, like an old dude cut off some guy’s arm. Remember, in this situation take the advice of Momaw Nadon, and quietly go back to your drinks.



7) Salacious B. Crumb



Sadly, Salacious did not receive a job opportunity after “Return of the Jedi” to work alongside the Muppets despite his likeness. Salacious is Jabba The Hut’s pet. His main purpose appears to be offering a maniacal laugh as Jabba throws another unsuspecting soul to the Rankor, or drops someone who really pisses him off in the Sarlacc Pit. This annoying, furry bastard’s laugh wiggled it’s way through our sanity, and into our hearts.



6) Ponda Baba



Sometimes you’re at the bar with your buddy, and he starts picking a fight. Once you step in to help your buddy out, it turns out that shrimpy kid has a badass old man friend wielding a blade he’s fixin to cut you with. Such is the case for Ponda Baba. After his instigator friend, Dr. Cornelius Evazan drags Baba into a fight, Baba soon becomes a lefty. Baba is also known for his male appendage-like chin. If you have anything against him, just remember he doesn’t like you, and I don’t like you.



5) Max Rebo



Pretty much everyone on this list has a crazy name, but then there’s Max Rebo sounds like a guy you graduated from elementary school with, and then totally forgot about. Max Rebo is the leader of the Max Rebo Band, who plays exclusively at Jabba’s Palace. Fun fact, in the expanded universe it is revealed that Max and his band are paid only in food.



4) Gamorrean Guards



Ya know how everyone gives Stormtroopers shit for never hitting anyone, even though they kill someone in pretty much every movie? Let’s take some focus off them, and more toward the Gamorrean Guards who are literally the most useless body guards in the world. Two get force choked by Luke Skywalker seconds after approaching him. Later, one accidentally stumbles with Skywalker into the Rankor’s lair. Rather than staying back and letting the Jedi take care of the Rankor, which he does literally 20 seconds later with a rock, he gets eaten after putting forward zero effort. They then have the young jedi greatly outnumbered by the Sarlacc Pit. Their only other foes are Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker who has dozens of crosshairs on him, Han Solo who is still blind, and a bound Chewbacca. Yet, they drop into the Sarlacc Pit, one by one as the heroes get away. The Gamorrean Guards may be as useless as tits on a Bantha, but they still have a place on this list.



3) Bib Fortuna



Let’s face it, another huge reason why these characters were made was to sell toys. They knew if they made someone who looked cool enough, kids would have to have it if they saw it on the shelf at Toys R Us. This was the case for me and Bib Fortuna. Fortuna is a slimey, pale alien with tail coming out of his head, and teeth like a vampire. He also is in desperate need of some Visine. Yet, he looks so creepy, and looks so cool that I had to have him. When I got the toy, I had no idea how to even play with him. I would have my Obi Wan action figure fight my Boba Fett figure while Bib Fortuna just stood in the corner looking intimidating without actually doing anything.



2) Nien Nunb



I can see the writer’s table now for “Return of the Jedi.” Clearly, after Lucas realized that Han Solo has Chewbacca for a cool co-pilot, Lando would need one too as he was now piloting the Millennium Falcon. Enter Nien f****** Nunb. Nunb looks like if a French bulldog was placed in a microwave. He spends his time on the Falcon providing facial expressions and various sounds as Lando does all the actual piloting. It turns out that in the expanded universe, Nunb is one of the most well-known pilots in the galaxy. He once even saved an entire fleet from the ruins around Alderaan with the Imperials orbiting the area. He may be ugly. He may have an obnoxious laugh. However, any way you cut it, Nien Nunb is pure, unadulterated, badass.



1) Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes



These guys are the greatest band in all of Star Wars. They can play one song at a bar all damn day, and receive zero complaints. The band has originally designed instruments that further add to how hilarious they look. They’re literally seven aliens (Bith to be precise), who dress and look exactly the same. They play a single catchy song, that still proves to be entertaining as hell to the people at the cantina.

So if you read this list, you probably noticed that most of the aliens came from either the cantina scene from “New Hope,” or Jabba’s Palace from “Return of the Jedi.” As the original films did not have the technology of that the prequels had, Lucas had to rely on tight, intimate scenes where viewers got an eyeful in what was really a small environment. In this was one of the biggest problems with the prequels. Think about the bar in “Attack of the Clones.” Other than the death sticks guy, is there really anything memorable from that scene? Do you remember what any of the aliens looked like? In what could have been an awesome homage to the originals, the film has yet another dull scene with little to remember. Want to know who would’ve spiced up that room? Figrin D’an and the f****** Modal Nodes.