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UNCOVERED: Final Fantasy XV finally gave fans some long awaited information about Final Fantasy XV, including the release date. We have been waiting for this game for over decade, but that wait will soon be over.

The event opened up with a short introduction by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the franchise. After ensuring that the series would go back to its roots with this entry, he took a seat with a few other greats and a new trailer was shown featuring a cover of Stand by Me by Florence and the Machine.

Some new footage of the series showed off some of the mechanics including chocobo riding and the driving. The driving shows a large amount of detail, between the top dropping and the shiny parts. There will also be a radio station featuring classic Final Fantasy tunes.  Titan was also shown grabbing Noctis and putting him in a bind. The refined combat system shows its glossy new coat of paint, looking much smoother and actually having the magic that fans know and love. It was also revealed that the spells not only affect enemies but the environments as well (Blizzara was shown adding mist around the characters). The combat looked much more fluid than it was when Episode Duscae came out, and anyone who wants to get a feel for the new combat system can now download the Platinum Demo for free (Which is the main reason why this article wasn’t up last night. Sorry everyone, but it is a lot of fun). The demo features Noctis as a young boy in a dream world as he travels with his companion, Carbuncle.

Final Fantasy XV Release Date

Final Fantasy XV will also be expanding into other mediums as well. There is both an anime and film coming out soon. The anime is called Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, a five episode series intended to provide more background for the characters before the game releases. The first episode is available now for streaming on Youtube. The film, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, is a full length, CGI feature film that appears to be a prequel. A few confirmed actors are Lena Headey, (300, Game of Thrones) Sean Bean, (That guy that dies in everything. Also Game of Thrones) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will be coming out soon, presumably before the game comes out.


Finally, a deluxe edition for Final Fantasy XV is now available for pre-order, as well as the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Unfortunately, the latter edition is already sold out on the Square Enix store, but is $269.99 if it ever appears back in stock. The smaller, but still Deluxe Edition comes with a steel book with art by Amano, as well as a Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Blu-ray disc. The Deluxe Edition is $89.99 and is available at the Square Enix store and most major retailers.


Everyone will be able to get their copies of Final Fantasy XV on SEPTEMBER 30, 2016. It’s finally time, everyone. The wait is almost over.