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Surprise News for E3

February 10th we were given very big news, Bethesda Game Studios is planning to hold a conference at E3. Why is this very big news? Bethesda has never held a conference at E3, which makes this an important event for all fans of their games. For something of this level it is hard to believe they’d be releasing a new IP, unless that new IP is huddled with an older successful IP.



We are not looking at a new Elder Scrolls game, due to TESV: Skyrim being in production since Fallout 3 was in production, giving it a time span of six to seven years development. Bethesda does not rush their flagship games out of the door.


In my opinion we are looking at the two big contenders, Doom 4 vs. Fallout 4, in my mind this is a battle of titans. One game that has stood the test of time in young and old gamers, the latter has captivated our minds since 2008 (I say this because before Fallout 3, the title was owned by Interplay, and that is a story for another day.)



Fallout 4 is just laden with controversy as of the past few years, I believe we can all look back at the Vault Survivor website, which was made to look like a countdown timer to a Fallout 4 announcement. It was a hoax in hopes of pushing Bethesda into talking (“Todd Howard Don’t play those games”).  As well as the rumors of Bethesda employees “sight-seeing” in Boston, known as the Commonwealth in the Fallout series, along with the other numerous rumors.



With the release schedules of previous games, I’d give a sure pick to Fallout 4 this year with a late 2015, mid 2016 release date. This gives perfect time for the full hype train effect to kick in, this is a game that has received free publicity for the past 6 years (Either this was at the hands of the world’s best Public Relations team, or Bethesda has one of the tightest drains in the industry).




While Doom being essentially the Grand Father of modern FPS, Wolfenstein holds the true title, but cloaked by controversy as well as angry mothers worldwide, not many know that it was the original flag ship FPS. It’s just not something I’d expect an entire press conference to revolve around. There is still a major possibility if it is followed up by a new IP. There have been no signs of Doom 4 being in production, voice actors or otherwise. The rumors surrounding the game have either been debunked, or just plain ludicrous. It would be a pleasant surprise though.


After looking at all of the current evidence surrounding Bethesda Game Studios, I’ll be throwing my hand into the Fallout 4 announcement.  I won’t be surprised by a new IP though, either by Bethesda or one of the studios they publish for.